Eva Väljaots

Eva Väljaots is an Estonian folk musician, who plays various types of traditional kannel – an ancient string instrument widespread in Finno-Ugric cultures. Modern meets archaic in her music of a distinctive style rich with improvisation. It is inspired by the present moment as well as her own heritage, age-old tales, and Finno-Ugric musical tradition. She performs her self-penned music, widening the playing techniques and bringing out the variegated timbre of these instruments. Each kannel opens up a unique world in her picturesque soundscapes.

In 2022 Eva Väljaots released her debut album Hundinuiaõis * Bulrush Bloom and same year she was nominated for the best solo artist at the Estonian folk music awards Etnokulp.

The kannel, like the Finnish kantele, encourages an intimate and introspective world, which this music certainly inhabits. But that doesn’t imply any limit to Väljaots’ imagination. Simon Broughton, Songlines. (Oct 2022)